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Winomad Productions
Winomad Productions: the Italian wine road less traveled through film.

At Winomad Productions, we create documentaries and short films about Italy's many diverse (and often undiscovered) wine regions, as told through the stories of winemakers. 
Avventura Trips
Avventura Trips: Undiscovered Italy​.
Join us for one of our unforgettable, one-of-a-kind Tuscan experiences. Our one-week curated experiences are designed to introduce our clients to an Italy that’s usually reserved for Italians – small family-run trattorias; artisanal winemakers, olive oil producers, cheesemakers and butchers; intimate Michelin-starred dining; hands-on cooking instruction with local professionals. Our guests stay in luxurious 5-star accommodations with transportation to and from all activities.  No detail is left to chance. 
Whether your passion is food, wine, culture or art, we have an experience designed to surprise, enlighten and enchant you.
Nebbiolo Notes
Nebbiolo Notes: A comprehensive resource to the wines, the people and the terroirs of Nebbiolo.

From Barolo in the Langhe to Lessona in Alto Piemonte, Nebbiolo has many different expressions. Nebbiolo Notes is your guide to information on the regions, the producers and the wines. Coming soon.
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Pair Aspen
Pair Aspen: ​Artfully-curated private tasting experiences.

Pair Aspen offers a one-of-a-kind intimate dining experience that is an unforgettable, flavorful adventure. Our ever-evolving menu focuses on exceptional quality. We source organic and seasonal produce, grass-fed meats and wild-caught seafood. Just as every ingredient is thoughtfully sourced, so too is our wine selection. We work with small, artisanal, world-class winemakers who work consciously and sustainably. 

Questions? Please reach out!
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